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Defect Management

Defect Management

Sustainable and effective Defect Management is part of an effective QA strategy. A defect in your software can have a significant impact on your business and result in unforeseeable costs. We support you to implement a defect management system to detect, evaluate and fix any defects in your software at an early stage.

What is Defect Management?

Defect Management is the process of identifying, describing, categorizing, assessing and fixing defects in a software or system.

What does Defect Management mean?

A defect, also called a bug, is a discrepancy in the software with respect to the end-user or business requirements. In software testing, a bug is when a software error causes an incorrect result that does not meet the desired outcome.

Defect Management Life Cycle

The Defect Management Life Cycle defines a uniform understanding of how to deal with software defects. This ensures the appropriate and effective handling of defects. A bug goes through various steps in the Defect Life Cycle, from the moment a defect is discovered to the issue being solved. Not all defects are equally important therefore, the tester classifies each into a different category which also serves as a prioritization. In test management, the tester summarizes all results in the Defect Report, which documents the occurrence, type and status of a defect. The complete process is highly compatible with Agile Testing as the continuous development capability of the system saves time and resources.

Goals of the Defect Management Process (DMP)

The goal of Defect Management is to detect, analyze and fix a bug at an early stage. Software defects cost your company time and money. Losses can be limited with the Defect Management Process, which is used to quickly assess and efficiently rectify defects.

testbee is your partner in the Defect Management Process

Do you want to guarantee the quality assurance of your software? Arrange a meeting with testbee and we will support you in defect management. We specialize in software testing and can significantly help you save money and enhance the success of your company.

Defect Management identifies, documents and fixes defects in a software application during the testing phase. Bug management confirms that all problems in the software application are identified and fixed before it is delivered to the end users.

Bugs, or software errors, are unwanted behaviors or malfunctions in a software application that can cause your application to not function properly. These can have a variety of causes, including programming errors, unanticipated user input, hardware or infrastructure issues, and other external factors.

A defect in your software can have severe consequences, including downtime, data loss, and even security issues resulting in significant costs to your business. To minimize these risks, our specialists help you identify bugs as quickly and early as possible.

Effective Defect Management with testbee involves several steps, including identifying bugs, prioritizing and assigning tasks to fix them, monitoring progress, and communicating with customers and team members.

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