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Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Manual Testing is a very common and proven method for software quality assurance, which brings many advantages. Whether functional tests, explorative tests, integration tests, smoke tests, ad hoc tests or penetration tests – our QA experts support you in planning and execution.

What is Manual Testing?

Manual software testing involves a specialist manually checking software to ensure that it meets specified requirements and functions without errors, and works on a variety of operating systems, browsers and devices.

Manual Testing can include exploratory testing, ad hoc testing, and regression testing.

Exploratory testing refers to running tests without predefined test cases to observe the behavior of the software and find possible bugs.

Ad hoc testing is performed to test a specific function of the software or to reproduce a bug.

Regression testing is used to ensure that changes to the software have not introduced new bugs and that known bugs have been fixed.

Our experts can assist you with your manual software testing in a number of ways, such as checklists and test cases. Checklists are a list of features or requirements that need to be confirmed, while test cases describe detailed steps that need to be followed to test a specific functionality.

Advantages of Manual Testing:

Realistic results

Ad-hoc testing possibilities

Short-term cost reduction

Our experts can assist you with any type of manual testing experience!

Take a look ar our services:

Manual Testing is an important step for your software development teams to develop high-quality software. The QA consultants at testbee will assist you with your project and, if you need more extensive support, our Testing-as-a-Service option could be the solution for you.

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Interested in our IT solutions?
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