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Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service

With testbee’s Testing as a Service (TaaS) , you can outsource your software testing activities. Our experienced test managers and testers will provide you with hands-on support for your test project or take over your entire test planning and test execution. With testbee, your software quality management is in safe hands.

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

What is Testing as a Service (Taas)?

Testing as a Service (TaaS) refers to the outsourcing of software testing, either individual tasks or the entire testing process, supported by testbee consultants who support your staff in software testing. This reduces the burden on your company whilst still allowing you to efficiently utilize the test results. We recommend integrating testing at an early stage of a project to be sure the entire development process is efficient.

Software testing methods offered by testbee as TaaS:

Testing as a Service is suitable for a wide range of different testing methods:

Regression Testing

Regression Testing checks whether software enhancements or changes lead to undesired effects or damage to existing functions.

Penetration Testing

Performance Testing ensures that an application meets performance requirements, whilst system stability is tested under peak load.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing ensures that an application meets the performance requirements: system stability is tested under peak load. This test procedure represents a relevant position in QA Testing.

Red Team

The goal of the Red Team is to visualize the resilience of systems/organizations against penetrating hacker attacks. From the aggressor's perspective, cybersecurity tests are conducted to reveal digital and physical vulnerabilities and test defenses and staff response capabilities under real-world conditions.

Unit Testing

Unit Testing provides an early opportunity to verify correct software behavior. Individual components (units) are tested for functionality in isolation from other data.

Integration Testing

An integration test is a series of coordinated individual tests that examine interdependent components of a complex system to confirm they interact smoothly.

User Acceptance Testing

An acceptance test (UAT) vaidates that the software functions in real world user conditions and it complies with its original specifications.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is about testing the software for the correctness of its functions and evaluating the quality of its implementation.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing is performed from the end user's point of view without the use of tools.

Automated Testing

Test automation is a testing process in which the test cases are executed automatically with the help of tools, scripts and software.

Why outsource your testing with testbee?

In-house testing requires a testing department to be established, with qualified technical staff, infrastructure, testing tools and software. This is time-consuming and costly so Testing as a Service with testbee is a resource-efficient way to cover your testing requirements. Take advantage of our established software quality assurance services. We offer you the necessary expertise and capacity for the operational implementation of your testing project and we can flexibly design the scope of our services, always adapting to your needs. Take advantage of our know-how and benefit from our many years of experience.

testbee as a TaaS service provider

Software quality management is indispensable and testbee provides your company with skilled support, via individual work packages or customized complete packages just for you. testbee offers QA consulting and helps you to optimise your software quality and scale success. Minimize your internal testing efforts and take advantage of our comprehensive service portfolio.

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Interested in our IT solutions?
Whether professional QA consulting or software testing –
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