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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

How secure is your system against attacks? From the perspective of an external attacker, we detect at an early stage whether all your IT systems and software applications are secure against cyber attacks and whether your compliance is met. Take your IT security seriously and use Penetration Testing to find security gaps before others do.

What does Penetration Testing mean?

Penetration Testing, also called pentesting, is a procedure to detect vulnerable points in IT systems and software applications. Our qualified IT security experts use simulated hacker attacks to uncover vulnerabilities in your system and carefully document all findings. We guide you through the corresponding recommendations for action and discuss individual solutions with you.

There are different approaches to Penetration Testing: Black Box and White Box Testing. In Black Box Testing, the attacker does not receive any internal information about the target system. Black Box Testing is usually less time-consuming, but this is at the expense of in-depth analysis. In White Box Testing, the attacker receives all relevant information about the system. This testing variant is very accurate, multi-layered and results-oriented, but time-consuming. Between black and white there is still gray: Our consultants often select Gray Box Testing which combines the advantages of Black Box and White Box Testing. Some system information is provided and accurate results are quickly obtained.

How penetration testing with testbee works

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We discuss your situation together and define the next steps for the Penetration Test

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Test preparation

You compile all the necessary information for the testing.

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Test execution

Our experienced penetration tester carries out the tests in a structured manner and analyzes vulnerabilities of your IT systems.

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Everything important is clearly documented for you, the vulnerabilities are explained and necessary security measures are recommended.

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Presentation of the results

You receive the results of the pentest in a report and know how to close your security gaps.

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After initial security measures have been implemented, we retest if necessary.

Of course, we always test according to your requirements. In doing so, we follow the current recommendations of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Our IT Penetration Tests always take into account the OWASP 10, the top 10 most serious security vulnerabilities.

Want to find out exactly where your IT vulnerabilities are and how to close any gaps?

Identify vulnerabilities at an early stage

With efficient testing methods

Professional testers with years of experience

Close security gaps and breathe easy

testbee guides you through the various test procedures in a personal QA consulting session. We will put together an IT security consultation that best serves your needs and system requirements.

Read also: Black Box vs. White Box Testing for more details.

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Interested in our IT solutions?
Whether professional QA consulting or software testing –
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