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Professional consulting on QA, process optimization & software quality assurance so that your IT processes run smoothly

testbee is THE partner for software testing and QA consulting for software companies in Cologne and beyond. We support medium to large-sized companies from a vareity of industries with software quality assurance and QA consulting. Like a busy bee, we provide a holistic overview and analysis of company processes. From comprehensive consulting and analysis to a customized QA and effective software testing strategy, testbee provides strong support and guidance even after implementation.

Our comprehensive support for software quality assurance and process optimization gives an essential overview to responsible project leaders and managers at C-level of their products and processes, to enable meaningful assessment. After all, it is not just a question of WHAT can be improved, but HOW the problems are solved. Our hands-on mentality is the hallmark of testbee software testers. See for yourself: the software testers at testbee in Cologne will be happy to support you.

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QA Consulting, Software Testing

QA Consulting

Let our software testing specialists in Cologne deliver comprehensive professional advice on process optimization, test management solutions and IT quality assurance.

Software Qualitätssicherung​, Software Testing

Software Quality Assurance

Reduce costs by performing software tests at an early stage. Whether Manual Testing or Automated Testing, we’ll find the right tests for your software and support you to execute them.

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Defect Management (also known as bug management or error handling) is a process for identifying, recording, prioritizing, tracking, resolving, and monitoring errors or defects in software or other products. The goal of Defect Management is to ensure that all reported defects are properly addressed and that the quality of the product is improved.

When a company makes use of Testing as a Service, all or selected testing activities are carried out by a specialized service provider.

In white box testing, the testers have knowledge of the internal structure of a component, the architecture, and have access to the source code of the software. In black box testing, on the other hand, testers derive test cases based on functional as well as non-functional specifications of a system, without knowledge of the internal structure.

Penetration Tests are used to test the security of IT systems. Specifically, it involves identifying and assessing vulnerabilities and security gaps in a system by performing a simulated attack.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a testing phase in software development. The goal of UAT is to ensure that the software meets user requirements and expectations, and runs smoothly.

Manual testing is a type of software testing in which a tester manually checks the software for specific functions, behaviors, and errors by running various test scenarios.

In Automated Testing, test cases are executed using tools, scripts and software. This helps reduce costs while improving the quality of processes and products.

End-to-End Testing is testing business processes from start to finish on a production-like environment.

Regression Testing is a type of software testing that checks whether changes or updates to a piece of software cause pre-existing functions or features to stop working properly.

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Interested in our IT solutions?
Whether professional QA consulting or software testing –
let us create an individual offer for you.


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