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Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Regression Testing establishes that the quality of your software meets the highest standards, even after implementing a new release. Together we develop a customized test concept and support the planning and execution of your regression tests.

What is Regression Testing?

Regression Testing determines whether software upgrades or newly implemented functions affect the functionality of the applications. Test cases for existing functions are repeated to ensure changes do not have an unexpected effect on software performance. To a large extent, these analysis tests can be programmed as automated software test which significantly reduces the manual effort of software quality management. It is recommended to perform a regression test after each software change.

During the software development lifecycle (SDLC), constant testing is essential to guarantee the quality of the software.

How does Regression Testing work?

Regression Testing is a black box testing method in which the tester has no knowledge about the source code of the software. Our test manager creates test cases based on defined parameters and through prior exploratory testing, before determining which test scenarios are suitable for automated software testing. Our software testers execute the test cases manually or automatically according to prioritization. We provide an analysis in a detailed test report, supporting you to assess and evaluate the findings.

When is the best time for regression testing?

Ideally, a regression test should be performed whenever changes are made to the software and the test should ensure the update is harmless. Particularly in the development process, updates accumulate and a regression test after each new development phase is useful to confirm software quality.

The most important functions of an application can be summarized in a smoke test. Depending on the product and the requirements, smoke testing and regression testing are often alternated at periodic intervals.

As IT consultant, testbee is eager to advise you on how your processes can be mapped with an efficient test concept.

Agile methods for regression testing:

In Sprint Level Regression Testing, we run a test set to check the features added during the current sprint.

In end-to-end Regression Testing, the entire test cycle is run again. The goal is to ensure that the core features are working as expected and have not been affected by updates.

Regression Testing is essential if a software is to survive in the market. We are here to advise you accordingly and provide our expertise throughout the process.

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